Well, in a nutshell, scenario paintball is a cross between a mystery novel, a role-playing game, and the controlled chaos of an extra-large paintball game.These will often be 2 or 3 day day events with a get together BBQ and early check-in Friday night, and play going from morning Saturday to Sunday afternoon.

     Games are based on a story line, usually either historical action or fictional fantasy. Occasionally they are completely generated by the scenario director allowing for more creativity and imagination on the part of the players and the director. The scenario is like the prelude to a book, the rest of the story is 'written' by the players during the game, the director merely keeps the action going. Players take part in the storyline by theme-oriented missions, role playing and taking “specialist” tactical roles, and interacting with theatrical props. Some players plan in advance and bring their own props & costumes.


     Each team (often 100+ players) has a base of operations consisting of a command post or "CP", and is surrounded by various bunkers and security personnel. Missions are either called in to a the command post via radio from the scenario director, or generated by the general. The General, having received the mission, then decides if it is feasible to undertake the mission and if so who he will assign the mission to. If the mission is completed points are awarded to the team.

    The side accomplishing the most missions/points wins the game. Eliminations have no effect on teams scores. When a player is eliminated, he checks in at his team's "dead box" and reinserts into the game. Thus, eliminated players aren't out of the action for long. Scenario games also incorporate simulated "air strikes", "helicopter insertions", "booby traps", and an extensive intelligence network both before and during the game.

     It is not uncommon to see costumes, paintball "bazookas", walkie-talkies, electronic bugs, real and faux props/items and a whole variety of interesting devices built for the game.

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